Hydrotherosaurus – one handsome devil of the deep.

hydrotherosaurusThis is one of the most debonair deep sea dinos: The Hydrotherosaurus.

(Hydro – thee – roh – sore – us)

It means ‘water beast lizard’.

The Hydrotherosaurus is a large plesiosaur that lived in the Late Cretaceous Period (around 7-0 – 65 million years ago) with fossils found in the US.

It grew to about 13 metres in length with the neck being about half of that length. In fact, its neck had 60 vertebrae (quite a lot of bones) and a rather small head.

It was a carnivore that ate lots of fish. Lots of debate is held as to how it caught its fish as his teeth stuck out, making it a challenge to hold on to slippery fish.

The Hydrotherosaurus had four large flippers, which not only helped direct this large beast, but to actually swim quickly and catch prey.

Experts say that a damaged fin would most probably lead to an inability to swim, resulting in death.

Either way, he was one handsome devil.

What is your favourite plesiosaur?

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